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About Us ...

  • S.A.F.E. (Spay/Neuter, Adoption, Foster and Education) Animal Haven is a nonprofit. foster-based, rescue group. We are made up entirely of volunteers, all of whom care deeply about animals and our community. We believe that a caring and compassionate commitment to the pets we share our lives with provide an enriching environment for everyone.

  • We exist entirely on donations from our supporters. 

  • We serve as a community resource for information about companion animals and their care. 

  • The cornerstone of our program is the education of the community to promote the concept of spaying and neutering. We strive to create awareness about the immediate need to reduce the number of unwanted and discarded pets.

  • Our goal is to decrease the endless stream of animals pouring into animal care facilities by providing educational school programs and promoting the spaying/neutering of companion animals. 

  • Our educational programs are designed to foster values of respect, compassion, and reverence for life that make the world a safer place for both animals and humans. Each year, our staff of volunteers takes our message of compassion to schools and community groups.

  • How you can help: Adopting and/or fostering for our program, volunteering your time or making a donation to help us continue our work with the animals who so desperately need us to be their voice.

S.A.F.E. Animal Haven - Senior boxer dog
  • We provide:

    • Rescues/Adoptions 

    • A safe environment in which to rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, neglected, abused, or otherwise homeless dogs. 

    • A lifetime home, if necessary for animals that are elderly, disabled, and/or have a chronic condition requiring specialized care.

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