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We thought you would like to see an updated picture of Jake (use to be Kona). We love him so much! Thanks for all you do! Karen, Ken, Hillary, and Jackson Stone


Hello!  My name is Guido and I am so happy to say I've found my perfect home.  My foster mommies take such good care of me.  I have sisters to play with and I get to even swim in the lake, which is one of my favorite things to do!  I'm actually a very good swimmer at that!  I love my family.  Thank you SAFE for finding me my forever home!

I went to the vet last week and I'm a "big" girl now.  I got my last shots and my rabies' shot.  Ouch!  They weighed me and I am a whopping 6.9 lbs.  I absolutely love my family.  Abby, my big sister (well she is the tallest) is my hero.  I love to follow her everywhere and my favorite spot is right between her front paws.  If she is chewing on a toy, I  am chewing on it too - if she is chewing on a bone, I'm chewing on it too.  Some times, she even lets me have the bone and then I can just roll over on my back, still between her paws, and I can gnaw on the bone by my self.

My human family is great too.  Everyone loves me and says I have the most wonderful personality.  They all spoil me and carry me around all the time, even though last week I learned how to go down the long flight of steps in the house.  Mom watch over me.  I think she was scared I was going to go tumbling down, but I didn't.  Mom says I still wake up happy and I'm happy all day long.  I even bark when Mom comes home and still love to give her lots of kisses. Mom says that I am going to be beautified for the first time this week.  She and my grandmother keep saying they don't want me to be "fi-fi fied" so I think I will get to keep most of my beautiful hair and I'll just be cleaned and trimmed up.  Mom said she will send you some updated pictures soon.

Well, we will stay in touch.  Miss you but I am very happy and love my new family lots. 

Love, Muffin



Hello, I just wanted to say how great I am doing. I've grow like crazy and am now 7lbs.    My parents say I'm a delight!  I'm an early morning riser because I play so hard during the day and falls asleep early.  I love playing with my tiny Kong that has special treats in it and enjoy playing monkey in the middle with the humans. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get a wonderful home. My name came from the Webster Dictionary.  Isn't it cool???


Hello!  My name is Zoie and I'm FANTASTIC! I get to go almost anywhere with my parents because I'm so adaptable. I even got to go camping with them!. I just slept at the bottom of one of the sleeping bag like an old pro. My parents had a friend with a dog also and the two of us played so hard that we could hardly stand up. It was so much fun rolling around in the dirt for hours.  This picture of me is when I fell asleep in the car with my head on top of a water bowl! 

Thank you SAFE for finding me my forever home!


My name is Velvet and after just a day in my new home, I know I have fit in perfectly!  I sleep peacefully and quietly in my kennel as I get worn out playing with my brother Buddy and the neighbor's dogs that like to come out and play.  My owners say I'm a sweet "smart" dog with a very spunky and gentle disposition.  Of course, they've only had me for one day so just wait! *wink*   I am extremely happy in my new home.  Thanks for bringing me to my forever family!


Hi!  I'm Sloan and I am doing just perfectly fine in my new home! I get to run up and down the stairs to find my owners if they get out of my sight for very long.  I mind my owners well and I am very loving to them.   I have learned to walk on a leash without pulling too much and I LOVE to watch squirrels and deer.  But I just watch - no barking!  Of course, when they bolt, I get to run after them!  I got to go the the housing development's 4th of July party this year which is why I'm wearing a nice patriotic scarf.  How much better does it get for a dog like me?   Thanks for delivering me to my family.  My hugs and kisses finally have a perfect place to land.


Hello!  My name is Sport and I recently found the most perfect home for me!  I'll write more later when I find the time to tell you how happy my life is.  For now, I'm off to play with my new family...


Hello!!  My name is Bayla and I have adjusted perfectly to my new home!  I have a big brother “Keller”— who happens to weigh over 100 lbs more than me but I don't get intimidated by him at all!  We couldn’t have been a better match.  I love everyone I meets too—especially children.  I get to make my parents laugh everyday—thank you so much for helping me find my wonderful home and bringing my forever family to me!

Bayla Minor (Matt, Laura, & Keller)

Boone & Bella

We both got the pleasure of staying together as we land in our forever home.  We have so much fun playing with each other and bringing joy to our new family.  Our family thinks SAFE volunteers are angels for all you do.

Thank you for everything you do!

Boone & Bella Baker


Hi everyone!  My name is Yukon (aka Yuki) and I have found my forever home and have adjusted just perfectly. I get to play with my new brother, Reggie, and my new owners even take me to the dog park to meet and play with other dogs.  Thank you so much for finding my new family for me.  I am a very well loved and extremely happy boy!

Take care, Kate Davis


Hi again! Rosco is doing wonderful at our home!  We are still going on walks almost everyday and he is completely housebroken. Since having Rosco, Brownie (our Chihuahua) has dramatically improved on his potty habits as well. Who knew all we needed was another doggy for him to stop going to the bathroom in the house!

We recently got him a little blue plastic kid pool, and on the weekends when it's hot we fill it for him and he could spend all day outside playing in the water and mud. Brownie wouldn't think about getting wet by his own choice, so we invite our neighbors dog (a black lab) over to play.

Rosco is such a big love bug and wherever we walk he is always stuck by our sides. We love him so much and I want to thank you all for bringing him into our lives. I also wanted to make sure his brothers and sisters were doing just as well. Thanks again!

The Berning Family
(Tuesday, DJ, Brownie, Orion, & Rosco)



Kya is doing great! We had a good first weekend together. We took her in the car a couple times to go walk around. She seemed to enjoy it pretty well and is now jumping in all on her own. She only whined in her crate the first night; since then she's been perfectly fine. She's definitely quite the lap puppy and will hardly let either of us out of her sight. I took her to the vet on Tuesday (East Lincoln Animal Hospital) to get her all checked out. She's healthy and happy and we've all grown quite attached to each other already. Kya has definitely found her forever home.

Thanks for everything!

Rebecca and Bryan and Kya!


Hi!  My name is Micki and I was brought to an Animal Shelter on an evening when I was ready to deliver my nine precious babies. No one came searching for me so our time was running out. Yes, they would have euthanized me and my darlings but a S.A.F.E. volunteer came to the rescue. She and another volunteer found us a foster home so I could comfortably nurse my little darlings to good health.  Fortunately, my foster Moms fell in love with me and decided to keep me.  Now I have a wonderful big yard to run around in, a lake to play in, other dogs to play with, and even better, one of my 9 babies (Boots) gets to live with me forever.  I'm so grateful to the S.A.F.E. volunteers for looking out for me and my children!  I couldn't be happier!

October, 2006


My name is Boots and I was brought to my new home along with my Mom and 8 siblings when I was just 5 days old.  My foster home became my permanent home!  I am so happy to have my Mom with me to teach me good behavior.  We're also going through private obedience lessons so we're getting to learn a lot of cool tricks!  If it wasn't for S.A.F.E., I wouldn't be here today.  Thanks so much S.A.F.E.!

October, 2006


My name is Harley.  I am 7 weeks old and am really cute.  My mother was a Beagle and I am not sure who my dad was.  My mother had 10 pups.  This was Harley when he was adopted.  Look at me NOW!  I’m one lucky boy!




Bruster is doing great! He is the best dog ever!  Rob and I are both so in love with him and so proud of him when we take him out. All the kids in the neighborhood love him. I am sad that Chewie has not been adopted yet. I check the website every couple of weeks to see if he is still on there. I am sure if he is anything like his brother he is a super dog. I tell anyone who admires Bruster that Chewie is still waiting for a family and tell people who are looking for a dog or puppy about S.A.F.E.  Rob and I are both so glad that we were able to adopt such an amazing dog.  He is so smart and loving!  He still likes to give kisses and tries to crawl up in your lap though he is much too big of a dog for that these days. :)

Thank you!


Kylie is doing great. She is just the happiest dog. She still pees on the floor when strangers come to the house but once they are there she is fine. She loves to play and she "talks" alot. It is so funny. She sleeps in the bed now. Most of the time she likes to be right next to me and shares my pillow. She sleeps just like a little person. Copper and Kiley play every morning when I get ready for work, the cat likes her the best when she is sleeping, but she tolerates her. She is just a little too playful for my old cat. The whole in her heart is healing shut on its own so doesn't look like we will have to do surgery. She is doing great. I will have to bring her to Pet Smart so you can see her next time you are there. I have attached some pictures of her.


I’ve had a hard life!  I was looking for someone who would rub my tummy, let me watch TV with her or just take an afternoon nap next to you.  Life is special to me because mine was almost cut short.  I found her!  I didn’t get just one great person.  I have three wonderful adults who I adore!  Thanks Grandma!



I was not suppose to be here today because my owner found out that I was going to have babies and sent me away.  I was tested for heartworms at a shelter and came up positive which was 2 strikes against me.    

I never knew that a dog could be this lucky, but I’m living proof that there are good people in the world.


Max is doing great! He is full of energy and he is packed with tons of charisma. We all love him and he loves us right back. He is housebroken and he gets into his crate very willingly when it is bedtime or any time that we are stepping out for awhile. This summer we had a new kitchen installed and the installer got a kick out of Max. It turns out that Max likes to supervise. I took him for his yearly check up in August and he is the picture of health. The vet said that he is a very nice Westie. She works with Westie rescue and she was impressed with how healthy he is. He is quite the Mama's boy though and he is my constant companion. I have been trying to download a picture of Max, but I am having no luck at it. I am totally inept when it comes to computers. Last year my daughter had to help me send the application to you for Max. I often say to her, "Thank God that you were home that morning, Alison or we would be Max-less." I will try to download a picture when my daughter comes home from work tonight and forward it to you. picture Last September he went to the Adirondacks with us and he loved it. He travels great! Thank you so much for saving Max. He has enriched our lives with his Westie enthusiasm, charm and his love for life and people. Yours truly, Margie and Max


Gabby is the most awesome dog ever!!  She sleeps with us now and only has to be in her crate when we are gone.  She does sometimes still make mistakes in the house, but we are working on that.  We are going to enroll her in the training at Pet Smart Soon.

When I took her to the vet, I found out she is only about 1   years old, and she has a problem with her bowels where the sac doesn’t release as is should and when she begins to scoot, it means she needs to have it fixed.  The vet told us it really isn’t anything we can do, but I do be sure that I feed her good food and she seems so happy and much more relaxed.  She also has a heart thing where it isn’t a murmur, but when she breathes in it beats faster than it should.  He said it is pretty normal for the breed.  We are taking her to the Banfield Vet there at Pet Smart and we like them. 

All of the kids love her and when we take her places everyone asks what she is because they think she is a puppy.  I have a couple “shirts” and she looks so cute in them. 

Thank you so much!

Becky Ashby Grover


Ceili is doing great. She knows how to swim and tries to rescue us whenever we are in the pool. She loves to play with other dogs and remains sweet natured. She is spoiled and we just love her. Thanks so much!


Tommy is as good a dog as you would ever hope to find. We love him very much, and are so glad we decided to call you, and check him out . I hate he had such a bad beginning with the other owners, but if he hadn’t , we wouldn’t have him now. I am not working , so I am home all the time and he is my shadow, he goes every where I go around the house, and goes with me , when I have to go to the store, he likes riding and , I consider him as my buddy. So, how are things with you and the new home and the dogs in your care ? My wife and I are sure glad that there are good people like you out there that care about the welfare of all of the homeless animals and work so hard to find them good homes.

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